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A Special Mid-Week Edition

I usually send out the Avenue for Faith newsletter each Saturday morning. However, we have so much good stuff to share, I couldn’t fit it all in one! A new podcast drops every Sunday afternoon, and I want to catch up on all platforms. So, here is the special mid-week edition of Avenue for Faith. Enjoy!

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A Conversation With Seth Madaris

Seth Madaris is the Spiritual Formations minister for the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola, FL. I sat down with Seth for episode 6 of the Avenue for Faith podcast, where I got to ask him about his passion and for ministry, and what it looks like to have a day job focusing on inspiring others to use their talents for ministry. Here are some highlights:

Q: Seth, you say our churches should be missional. How do you move people toward greater discipleship and finding their ministry?

I love this question, and I think this question is actually at the crux of some of the biggest flaws I see in some of our current church expression. And this year—2020—has really challenged that. I mean, what is church? When we come together, it should be to absolutely encourage each other. But it has to be to empower and equip the saints to then go and do the good works. Those good works are not sitting there in the seat. The seat is where you learn about the tools that you need and the way to grow in following Jesus that then take you out. What is “missional”? Missional is just what we are called to do. It’s the good works. It’s going out and being like Jesus. And I do believe it is completely interlocked with being a disciple. Because if you are a true disciple of Christ—if you are following in the footsteps of your Rabbi, Jesus, and he is your teacher—then you are going to be on mission everywhere that you go, with every interaction.

Q: How do you recruit and train teachers?

This is something I love doing. One of my favorite things to do is to teach teachers and to train life-group leaders. I love seeing somebody who has a little bit of a spark, they are passionate about something; and the first thing I want to do is say, “hey, let’s chat for a little bit, and let’s get it to where you are so excited about that spark that you are teaching whether you know it or not.” So the first thing I did was get my crop of teachers together and we wrote a teacher training curriculum all together; and then we offered a teacher training. We invited anyone who has ever been interested in teaching and anyone who has ever thought about teaching. We hit on everything: lecture classes, discussion classes, choosing your topic, etc. And then I partnered them with one of my experienced teachers, and they taught a class together. So my experienced teacher kind of walked alongside the new teacher. They kind of learned by doing, but also not thrown into the deep end. And in two trainings, my teacher pool expanded exponentially. Because what I realized is that sometimes people have never been given the opportunity to teach, because no one has ever thought to ask them; or they’ve been asked to teach, and they wanted to, but they’ve not quite known exactly how to do certain things, and they are just too adult to ask for help. And then the main thing I would tell them is “what are you excited about?” Get excited about that and share it. We are hard-wired as humans to share that which we love. Find that thing, and teaching for you might not actually be standing in front of the class, but helping the teacher write the curriculum.

Q: What can I do if I’m interested in forming people spiritually in my own congregation?

Look to become passionate about sparking the missional discipleship quality within people. There are all these beautiful facets of God’s love that we all get to experience in community, and how blessed am I that I got to be put in this role to awaken the avenues in people in which they can love people better in the name of Jesus. Almost put yourself on a mission to find the thing that you know is going to spark their excitement, spark their passion, and then just throw yourself into making that a reality to them. It’s incredibly rewarding. It’s organic; it’s fun. And when you can equip the saints to do that good work, and then you see that happen—oh, praise God for that! It’s just so much fun.

Excerpts taken from my interview with Seth Madaris on Episode 6 of the Avenue for Faith podcast. You can find the podcast on all major podcasting platforms.

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